How it works (FAQ)

How big is the TOTM Trailer?
It is a state of the art 18ft. trailer Heated & Air Conditioned with Surround sound Stereo.

How many Bear Crew Members will be at my party?
Each party of 10 will have two Bear Crew Members, and for each additional 10 children there will be one additional Bear Crew member.

How much of a deposit is required to book a party?
The deposit due for booking a party is $250, with an additional $38.50 per child after the initial 10 children
We accept Cash or Check.
(Gratuity not Included) *set-up fee may apply
Weekend parties book well in advance .

What selections do we have to choose from?
TOTM has a large selection of High Quality Teddy Friends to choose from, as well as your choice of outfits to fit yuour Teddy Friends personallity.

Are there accessories for the Teddy Friends?
TOTM carries a full line of accessories and clothing options for your Teddy Friend to be as unique as you.
From shoes, purses, jean jackets, bear apparel t-shirts and jean shirts

Who supplies the invitations?
Teddys on the Move party invitations are supplied at the time of booking.

What kind of Entertainment is provided?
TOTM customizes its entertainment for the age of the group at the party, as well as games, songs and dances.

What do you do if there is inclement weather?
Our parties are rain or shine. We have a heated & air conditioned mobile unit. Children are escorted from the house to the TOTM Trailer.


Book early to reserve your Beary Special Event.